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50 past 12

This is a writing journal that features fiction about real people.

The title of this journal came from the instrumental song "50 past 12 (AM)" from Domoto Tsuyoshi's 2nd solo album "[sí:]"
Here you can find fiction featuring real people. Most of them are boys love (slash, yaoi) and NC-17. I mean, really boys love and NC-17. And they aren't friends-locked so if you feel uncomfortable with this kind of fiction, if you don't like boys love, if you aren't old enough to read them etc, close this window... I warned you.

Right now I write mostly about Johnny's Entertainment. But I might write other things too like original stories and fictions inspired by doramas or movies. It depends on my mood and criativity.

Make yourself at home :D I appreciate your comment!
Feel free to add this journal to your friends list if you like the stories posted here.
Most of the characters in the stories are people from Johnny's Entertainment.

But I just like groups that debuted before 2000; it means SMAP, TOKIO, V6, KinKi Kids and Arashi.

So, don't expect me writing Tackey & Tsubasa, NEWS, KAT-TUN etc because no, I don't write them.
And by the way, usually I don't write boys love for the groups that debuted before 1997 (SMAP, TOKIO, V6). KinKi Kids and Arashi are my main targets *evil smile*

Not so often but I also write T.M.Revolution/abingdon boys school and movie/dorama fics.
# length - it defines if the fiction is chaptered, oneshot or a drabble

* special - special genres of fics (includes requests - although I don't accept requests so often)

artist - it defines the group/band which appears in the story

c (character) - it defines the character which appears in the story without being a pairing

g (genre) - AU, angst, BL (boys love)...

p (pairing) - it defines what pairing appears in the story
-The names are in alphabetical order, not top/bottom, seme/uke order.

r (rating) - from G to NC-17

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